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Autographs Authenticity

Authenticity is an important part of collecting autograph items. It is used to combat counterfeiting and provide peace of mind to collectors. As a collector you should look for items that have a DNA code or numbered sticker that allows you to look up the item to see if it is registered by the authenticator. Some even come with a certificate that has a photo of the same signature that the items has.

About 4 years ago, I, MJSchaffer attended the National Sports Card Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. I purchased a LeBron James autographed High School magazine from a reputable dealer at the show. He had three different items that were autographed, and had the same signature on them, which was "LBJ 23"... RARE. He was wearing a Vincent Saint Mary's T-shirt and told me that his son went to school with LeBron and that the autograph was authentic, although it did not come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The story was appeared to be real. I purchased the item for $65.00. August 2009, I attended the National Show again where I had the item authenticated by JSA, which cost me $75.00. Well the item was a FAKE. I am greatly disappointed about this, but I did learn a valuable lesson.

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Lesson Learned

  • Know who you are getting these items from before you purchase them.
  • Ask for additional information or paperwork from the autograph signing.
  • Look for photos of the item being signed.
  • Research other items with COA's to compare signatures.
  • Look for COA's from reputable company's.

All memorabilia with a MJSchaffer.com hologram sticker was WITNESSED by a member of the MJSchaffer.com family and are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.