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TTM Autographs

This page was created for fun. Please remember not to send valuable items through the mail, in case that they donít  get returned.

Also remember that you may not actually be receiving an authentic autograph when your items haw been retumed. ln the past it

has been known that secretaries and wives sometimes sign these items.


MJís  Quickest Responses:

1. Clarence Davis, RAIDERS 4 days 2013

2. Steve Bono,49ers 5 days

3. Alex Karras, Bears 5 days

4. Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks 6 days

5. Dick "Bam Bam" Ambrose Browns 6 days

6. Harry Carson, Giants 7 days

7. Richard Petty, RACING 7 days 2013

8. Ernest Givins, Oilers 8 days 2013

9. Bruce Armstrong, Patriots 8 days 2013

10. Todd Christensen, RAIDERS  8 days

11. Kevin Butler, Chicago Bears 8 days

12. Gino Marchetti, Baltimore Colts  8 days

13. Mark Van Eeghen, RAIDERS 8 days

10. Ozzie Newsome, Browns 9 days

14. Dennis Gentry, Bears 9 days

12. Joe Theismann, Redskins 9 days

15. Merril Hoge, Pittsburgh Steelers 10 days

16. Steve Tasker, Buffalo Bills 10 days

17. Tony Dungy, Colts/Buccaneers 10 days 2013

18. Dwight Stephenson, Dolphins 10 days 2013

19. Steve McMichael, Chicago Bears 11 days

20. Boomer Esiason, Bengals 14 days 2013

21. Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings 14 days

22. George Blanda, The RAIDERS 15 days

23. Mike Pagel, Colts/Browns15 days

24. Jay Schroeder, RAIDERS 17 days

25. Carlos Carson, Chiefs 19 days

26. Bryan Cox, Dolphins/Bears 19 days

27. Jeff George Colts/RAIDERS 21 days

28. Keith Byars Eagles 23 days

29. Pepper Johnson Giants 23 days

30. John Olerud, Blue Jays 24 days

31. Bob Griese, Dolphins 30 days


MJís Favorite Responses

1. John Madden, RAIDERS

2. Terry Bradshaw, Pittrsburgh Steelers (appears to be auto-pen)

3. Steve Young, San Franciso 49ers

4. Brett Hull, Saint Louis Blues

5. Steve Tasker, Buffalo Bills


Other Unique Items Received Through The Mail


1. Emmitt Smith did not sign my cards , but he did send back an autographed post card

2. TroyAikman did not sign rny cads, but sent back a signed 5x7 auto-pen autograph. NOTE: The Aikman

items were sent to the Troy Aikman Foundation  with a small donation.

3. Kurt Wamer did not sign my cards, but he did send beck a card of his own (no NFL License) that was signed.

4. Alex Smith did not sign my card, but I received a Vernon Davis 5 x 7 autograph with a regrets letter.

5. Tom Brady did not sign my card, but I did rec6ive a l.lew England Patriots "Fan Pack."

6. Bill Parcels did not sign my card, but I received a Dolphins pennanl and sticker.

7. Wesley Walker did not sign my cards, but did send an autographed Jets photo and a personalized photo on paper



Longest Response Time with a Successful Signature

1. Jay Cutler, Bronco/Bears 135 days

2. Greg Jennlngs, Packers 130 days